Accessories for your stainless steel, aluminum and stainless steel plates

Accessories Top-notch installation

Heavy Duty MS Sealant Glue Adhesive GISS

(6 reviews)

  • • Colourless and elastic
  • • Odourless and multi-purpose
  • • Useable on all types of surfaces
€9.90 INCL. VAT
Cache de finition

(0 reviews)

  • • Non-rusting
  • • Perfect for that refined look
  • • Easy to clean
€13.20 INCL. VAT
Gants anti-coupures, idéal pour ébavurage de tôles fines
  • • Tear resistant
  • • Ultra-comfortable
  • • Available in several sizes
€9.80 INCL. VAT
Varnish VP Satin - Blanchon - John Steel

(0 reviews)

  • • Against wear and stains
  • • Aesthetic and durable
  • • No mixing required
€30.00 INCL. VAT
Hard single-coat parquet oil - Solid'Oil Snow Blanchon - John Steel

(0 reviews)

  • • A single layer
  • • High resistance
  • • Does not yellow wood
€29.50 INCL. VAT
Oil-wax for wood - Blanchon Chêne clair - John Steel

(0 reviews)

  • • Against dust and humidity
  • • No sanding
  • • A natural result
€16.90 INCL. VAT
Interior wood glue - Classic Pattex - John Steel
  • • Indoor projects
  • • Transparent finish
  • • Jusqu'à 40kg
€6.90 INCL. VAT
Exterior wood glue - Pattex PU - John Steel
  • • Wood, metal, porous surfaces
  • • Fill in the gaps
  • • Highly resistant
€9.90 INCL. VAT

To tell you more

To allow you to tinker in complete safety and in good conditions, John Steel offers you a set of fixing accessories and personal protection. When setting up, finishing or handling custom-cut steel, stainless steel and aluminum plates, safety is always paramount. Finishing covers, cut-resistant safety gloves or anti-rust treatment for all types of metal, you will find here everything you need for a peaceful installation.

To protect your wood panels, we also have what you need. Our fungicidal treatment is ideal for preventing invasions of insects and other fungi, as for our anti-stain varnish "Le Suprème", it will allow total protection of your wood against everyday hazards.

Thanks to our accessories, make it easier for you to install and protect your most beautiful projects!

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