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Panel Solid wood panels Découpez vos panneaux en bois massif sur-mesure

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  • 5 - 35 mm

Plywood Larch panels cut to size - John Steel
  • • Ideal for making furniture
  • • Can be easily worked
  • • Resistant to bending
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62.28 € INCL. VAT
Découpe Panneau Hêtre Multiligne 40mm

(3 reviews)

  • • Classy and smart
  • • Ideal for sturdy worktops
  • • Can be used indoors
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79.38 € INCL. VAT
panneau Bois Contreplaqué Okoumé sur mesure

(1 review)

  • • Heatproof
  • • Homogenous and flexible
  • • Moisture-resistant
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57.06 € INCL. VAT

Do you like using beech, pine and larch in your home? We do too! That's why we wanted to offer you a custom solid wood cutting service. All our solid wood panels are FSC certified which means they are sustainably sourced and forest-friendly. That's right, John Steel is very commited to the environment. 

We suggest 3-ply fir panels and 3-play larch for your interior design ideas. Available in 19 or 27mm, they're very durable and lightweight and can easily be painted or stained. 

Beech laminate panels, which are thicker, head the list for natural decor. We love it! No need to paint it for an amazing home accessory or to make your own little custom desk.|

As well as that, it also holds up well outdoors. Beech glue laminate panels are super on-trend right now and ideal for your indoors projects, being generally used for worktops or to furnish a living space.