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  • 5 - 35 mm

Water repellent

Water and mildew resistant


For a colorful life


The perfect shade for a worktop
 MDF noir teinté dans la masse

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  • • Unique and innovative product
  • • Bend-resistant
  • • Versatile and natural
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58.1 € TTC

(1 review)

  • • Ideal for making furniture
  • • Can be easily worked
  • • Resistant to bending
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62.23 € TTC
Découpe Panneau Hêtre Multiligne 40mm

(3 reviews)

  • • Classy and smart
  • • Ideal for sturdy worktops
  • • Can be used indoors
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79.34 € TTC
panneau Bois Contreplaqué Okoumé sur mesure

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  • • Heatproof
  • • Homogenous and flexible
  • • Moisture-resistant
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57.05 € TTC
découpe panneau Medium MDF naturel

(4 reviews)

  • • Ideal for furniture
  • • Fire and moisture-resistant
  • • Can be painted, stained or varnished
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57.89 € TTC

About our range of wood panels

You can choose from 3 custom-cut wood panels to help you create your dream project !

Solid wood panels for projects requiring sturdy wood. Solid wood is extremely sturdy and durable. If you like natural ambiances (Scandinavian or rustic styles, it's up to you), then solid wood is perfect. And you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

MDF panels  for the most demanding. These are light panels that are really easy to handle. They're robust enough for most home decor projects. Let your imagination run wild and go crazy with the many different shades we have on offer. But please note, fiberboard does not like water!

Compact laminates for the most modern. Don't judge a book by its cover, these panels are very dense and robust even though they're very thin. This is the recommended material for bathrooms or kitchens as it handles moisture and humidity very well. And to top it all, it can also be used for restoration work or in the medical sphere.

Thanks to our virtual designer, you can design your piece online and then design the cut online as well in just a few clicks.

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